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Online Ordering Service for Restaurants

Restaurant By Click offers restaurants the ability to add online ordering to their existing websites. If you do not have an existing website we can help you with that and we will design you a new website and add the online ordering service to the new website. If you are a restaurant, deli or pizzeria we definitely recommend signing up with online ordering directory sites like GrubHub, Seamless, Delivery.com, and Eat24. These online ordering sites have tons of loyal customers that order food 24/7. They do charge high transaction fees for each online order BUT they will bring you a lot of new customers that you have not had in the past. Take advantage of those online ordering sites and also you should add our online ordering website to your website. This way you are only paying a small flat monthly fee for online orders coming from your website. You want to then convert your customers that are using the Grubhub, Seamless, Delivery.com and Eat24 to switch and start ordering from your website's online ordering service instead. This will save you a lot of money in transaction fees. We have pizzeria clients that pay out over $1 Million in transaction fees to Grubhub alone each year. That is a TON of money! That is why we recommend using our online ordering service that we can easily link to your website. The online ordering service is mobile-friendly, comes with a Mobile App, Facebook ordering, Loyalty program and Email marketing service. Email us or call us today to schedule an online demo.

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